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Be Aware of Phishing Scams!
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/15/2005
If you use emails actively in your communication, you must have received various messages claiming to be from Ebay, Paypal and a number of banks.
Keeping Passwords Secure
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/15/2005
As the web has evolved, so have the methods of collecting personal information. A large number of websites require visitors to register to gain access or participate.
Software Piracy - Global Increase
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/15/2005
Pirated software is on the increase and now accounts for over one third of the software installed on the world's computers and it's cost the software industry a staggering, $28bn (£12bn) last year in lost revenues.
I Spy...Something Terribly Wrong (In Your Computer)
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/15/2005
This really chapped my lips... I recently bought a new computer. Mine was getting old, had lost its whistle, and the few remaining bells didn't ding a nicely as they had in the past.
Who’s Watching What You Type?
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/15/2005
If someone entered your home, uninvited and installed numerous cameras and listening devices in order to monitor your activities, you would quite rightly be outraged.
We Know Why You Haven’t Decided Yet To Purchase A Security Product
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/15/2005
With the growth of information technologies, people own a lot of professional or personal information, which has both a financial and emotional value.
6 Essential Steps to Protect Your Computer On the Internet For Free
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/15/2005
Recently one of my friends asked me to check out if his computer was infected by virus. He suspected because occasionally the computer was shut down automatically when connected to internet.
10 tips to Stay Safe and Secure Online
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/15/2005
The Internet can be a dangerous place. While you're enjoying the convenience of online shopping, Internet banking and subscription websites, nasty people lurk around every corner.
Internet Safety
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/15/2005
Parents are constantly struggling with ways to keep their children safe online. The Internet has a global reach and at this point no bounds, or limitations.
How secure is your data? Preventing the theft of your internet property.
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/08/2005
Monday morning first thing and the phone rings. It’s a typical call, since the previous Thursday a small business has noticed that some of the images on it’s’ website are starting to appear on other sites. They know enough to understand that once these images are out, they will be unable to prevent their spread.
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