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What about An Affiliate Program
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/13/2005
What about a Affiliate program! Well there are some good one out there. You have to find them, I have. An Affiliate program is a good way to start you home business.
Clickbank Vendors: Two Simple Ways You Can Help Affiliates Protect Their Sales.
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/13/2005
1) How To Remove Your Affiliates Clickbank Id From The URL 2) How to Cloak Your Clickbank Vendor Id Using PHP
7 Rules To Live By When Choosing An Affiliate Program Or Work at Home Business
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/13/2005
So you've decided to become financially independent! You've chosen to work at home. Congratulations! I'm sure this is a decision that can turn your life around and lead you to financial freedom.
Sell Multiple Products Through a Single ClickBank Account
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/13/2005
A ClickBank merchant account allows you to define and sell up to 50 separate products. If you have more than one product in your range, it makes sense to sell them from a shared ClickBank account.
Protect Your ClickBank Products from Online Theft
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/13/2005
One of the biggest problems faced by ClickBank merchants is the risk of content theft - people downloading their digital products without paying for them.
Price Your ClickBank Products for Maximum Profit
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/13/2005
Choosing the right price for your digital products is one of the most critical, yet difficult, aspects of your business strategy.
Disguise Your ClickBank Affiliate Links Using Status-bar Faking
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/13/2005
Many surfers are savvy enough to identify ClickBank affiliate links, simply by glancing at their browser's status-bar before clicking.
ClickBank Refunds - Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/13/2005
When we launch a new product, we all hope it's going to be a runaway bestseller. More than that, most of us aim to produce a product so remarkable that it generates rave reviews and achieves cult popularity.
Under The Covers: ClickBank's Affiliate Tracking System
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/13/2005
The core principle of affiliate marketing is that the referring affiliate earns a commission if a referred prospect makes a purchase.
Can't Find Any ClickBank Super Affiliates? Grow Your Own!
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/05/2005
Affiliate marketing has become extremely popular, and ClickBank offers a large and growing network of affiliates to tap into, but only a tiny percentage of them know how to make the most of their web traffic.
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