Server Hosting
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Server Hosting

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Dedicated Web Hosting Server

If you are interested in purchasing a dedicated web hosting server so that you can run your own web hosting service, you really need to know what you are doing. Make sure that you can secure multiple IPs for your server, preferably across multiple Class-Cs as well. It may be beneficial to get your server preinstalled with Cpanel Web manager or another type of program available to help you manage your dedicated web hosting server. Make sure that you have plenty of space and have access to DNS controls if at all possible. It will be necessary as many of your clients my request dedicated IPs. If you are interested in a dedicated web hosting server specifically for hosting your own site or sites, this will not be as important.

Database Server Hosting

Be careful, though, to make sure that the database and querying languages offered match specifically what your existing software requires. is a huge hassle for you and your company. Porting old software to a new database system is complicated enough - but adding in a complete database switch, table rewrite, etc. In a similar fashion as above, getting a server to host just your database may be all that your organization needs. . If you cant Dump and Load, find a different host

Hosting Servers

Hosting servers are a lot like regular desktop computer however they often times will have special equipment inside – such as redundant hard drives, tons of memory, and much more reliable motherboard than a normal desktop computer

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Recommended especially for larger businesses interested in deploying both internet and intranet applications, Windows dedicated server hosting is not for the faint at heart. . It can be quite expensive and requires a vast amount of knowledge of the Windows computing environment. Having an MCSE or an employee with an MCSE will aid significantly in your management of a dedicated windows server. Better yet, if you are willing and able, purchase mananged windows dedicated server hosting to make sure that your site and mission critical data remain online and available

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual private hosting is becoming more and more common. . Its basically giving you the ability to administrate your shared hosting account just like you would your own dedicated server

Dedicated Server Hosting

Before you go out and buy one I would suggest talking with some trusted advisors about this. A dedicated hosting server is a computer that’s sole purpose is simply host websites. There are thousands of different configurations you can choose from.

Managed Web Hosting Server

of creating an in-house solution. If you can afford it, we highly recommend managed web hosting. Plus, the costs of getting a managed web hosting server solution would probably offset the costs of additional tech support, bandwidth costs, etc. Even if your your team has the competency and staff to manage your own web hosting server, having that extra line of defense is always useful. There are certain things that you just cant do remotely, and having a staff available 24/7 at the location of the manged web hosting server guarantees you that added level of security, protection, and uptime.

SQL Server Hosting

This is best as you can connect directly via localhost to the SQL server without having to send and receive requests remotely. If you run simple processes over a massive database, it may be best for you just to purchase SQL server hosting instead. It is possible, as well, that what is eating up your current account is simply database space. Bear in mind, though, that this only answers a small part of your hosting needs. A SQL server host will provide you with a remote database solution that is scalable and meets the particular needs of your business or organization. Often you can get the SQL server hosting from the same host as you are using for the remainder of your site

Email Server Hosting

Another great benefit of going with email hosting services through a traditionalweb hosting provider is that you can get dedicated hosting if needed! Thatmeans that if your web hosting and email hosting needs grow at a rapid paceto a point at which you need more bandwidth and more space, they can moveyou over to a dedicated server with no problem at all. And because it isby the same host, you probably wont even need to fool around with your domainname service provider at all! The integration and transition would be seemless!

Dedicated Hosting Server

Most importantly - bandwidth, processor, and space. First, you need to determine which OS you would like to run - Windows, Linux, or Unix. Getting a dedicated hosting server requires quite a bit of research. Which database? mySQL, msSQL, postgre? The questions run on and on forever. Which server software - Apache, Windows 2003, or another. It may be best for you to sit down with a technology guru at your office, or perhaps a friend or neighbor, to analyze exactly what needs you or your organization have. Which control panel? Ensim, Cpanel, Plesk. There are so many options in the dedicated hosting server arena that you need to get it right the first time.

Web Hosting Server

Linux, Unix, Windows, how much RAM, how much bandwidth, with or without control panel --- all of these questions are essential to making your web hosting server decisions accurate and useful. . Research is essential in determining what solution is right for you. Moving on up! Tired of that old shared hosting account that does not give you the customization and control of a full-throttle server, well you have come to the right place

FTP Hosting Server

An FTP hosting server is, fairly simply, a web hosting server (often dedicated) that allows you to transfer files to and from it using File Transfer Protocal. Given the commonality of FTP, many if not most service providers offer this functionality. . Some, though offer only SSL connections, at which point you will need to consider using an SFTP client such as those available in the major FTP software packages to connect to your server. SFTP uses an SSL connection to mimic FTP