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Some Advertising Is Doomed To Fail
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/13/2005
When people are concerned about the lack of response to their advertising, usually they complain about one of two things. They either say, "I put it in all the popular ezines but nobody responded" or "I followed all the copywriting 'rules' but didn't even get one sale."
Identifying What 'Conversion Rates' Really Means When Evaluating Potential Solo Ad Joint Ventures
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/05/2005
Of the major pieces that make up a successful online business, high conversion rates can be one of the most coveted. A solid product, strong sales copy, targeted traffic, effective advertising, and other factors all contribute to the highly important business metric, the "conversion rate".
Can I Advertise My Site with a $150 monthly budget?
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/05/2005
Assuming all other bills are covered; web hosting, list building, affiliate programs, your own ezine, etc., you only have $150 a month to spend specifically on advertising. What are the best ways to stretch that dollar to its fullest potential? Glad you asked.
Advertising effectively on the net is FREE
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster 06/05/2005
That’s right. The most effective way of advertising your business on the net is FREE and mostly ignored. And yet it’s so easy to see why it is so effective. We just need to ask ourselves two simple questions.
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