Linux Hosting
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Linux Hosting

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Linux Hosting

. When this said it makes it extremely obvious Linux is a proven leader in the hosting sector. Choosing a Linux hosting provider - is very simple easily 90 percent of all hosts use a Linux hosting solution

Linux Web Hosting Plans

Linux web hosting plans are all over the place - its your job however to find out what plan is right for you. You will need to consider how much storage space you will need and also amount of monthly transfer you will burn through.

Linux Web Site Hosting Provider

Linux is a flavor of Unix so you get the stability of the UNIX platform with the support for of newer software applications. A very large percentage of all web site hosting provider use a traditional Linux environment.

Shared Linux Web Hosting

Shared linux web hosting is a commonly used and solicited form of hosting, primarily because its implementation is so cost effective. Linux, the free open-source operating system, coupled with Apache, PHP and mySQL, is the industry standard for web hosting, and most shared hosting services offer one form or another of this form of linux based hosting. . It really does not matter for the end-user what brand of linux is used - Red Hat, Debian, or a host of others are all appropriate and will get the job done for your shared linux web hosting needs