Windows Hosting
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Windows Hosting

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Windows Web Hosting

With both Windows 2000 web hosting and Windows XP hosting available, there are several viable options. Windows web hosting capabilities have strengthened significantly since the launch of Windows NT several years ago. One of the more difficult tasks to complete on windows hosting involves permissions changes, so you may be interested in pursuing a VPS or dedicated windows web hosting solution so that you have that added ability

Windows 2000 Hosting

Windows 2000 hosting is not incredibly expensive either, although anything has difficulty competing with the price of free that comes stamped on every distribution of Linux. It is stable, secure, and much more robust than Windows NT. You will still have to deal with the difficulties of the windows hosting environment, including no support for the traditional CHMOD method of permissions assignments, but you will get the added benefit of having easy interopability with existing Access and ASP applications. Win2k has become the standard for windows online web hosting.

Windows 2000 Web Hosting

If you are interested in just serving web pages, Windows 2000 will be a more than adequate solution to meet your, your organization, or your companys needs. You should be able to secure windows 2000 web hosting for anywhere between $5 and $10/mo for a web hosting account, although you can rest assured that if you want to pay more, you can find it. . Shared hosting accounts should be more than sufficient for most windows 2000 web hosting needs, although if your business relys on its only presence, or moves secure data via its website, purchasing a dedicated windows 2000 web hosting plan may be the best solution

Windows Reseller Hosting

Subsequently, windows reseller hosting can be very popular and profitable. Windows reseller hosting is particularly lucrative because people are more comfortable purchasing a hosting account that uses the same operating system which they use at home. Getting into the reseller business is a great way to improve your own income. Despite the complete fallacy that using the same operating system may be better for the user, individuals unfamiliar with the web and its applications may feel that they are either restricted to or more comfortable with using Windows hosting. Be careful, though, as you may have to take on the added difficulty of customer support.

Windows NT Web Hosting

When picking out the perfect web host you will want to check on how long their servers have been up, how they handle upgrade, and how long they keep a server active before migrating to newer equipment. . Windows NT Web Hosting is a powerful solution for any type of dynamic ASP driven website

Windows NT Hosting

This is the same OS that Windows 2000 and Windows XP have built upon. Do not think, though, that because it is Windows it will be easier for you to manage than if it were not. It is safe, stable, and secure. Yes, this type of hosting is based on the Windows server OS known as NT. In fact, many of the functions, such as changing file permissions, are significantly easier on Linux and Unix than on Windows. I probably do not need to say it, but NT hosting is Windows NT hosting. The methods of editing and updating a website are fairly uniform from Linux to Unix to Windows. Make sure that Windows NT Hosting is really what you and your organization need.

Windows Hosting

Like anything there is positive and negative aspect to every hosting platform. Windows has thousand of application that can be used along with amazing support. Also Windows hosting solutions are generally more expensive than Linux Hosting solutions.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

It can be quite expensive and requires a vast amount of knowledge of the Windows computing environment. Recommended especially for larger businesses interested in deploying both internet and intranet applications, Windows dedicated server hosting is not for the faint at heart. . Better yet, if you are willing and able, purchase mananged windows dedicated server hosting to make sure that your site and mission critical data remain online and available. Having an MCSE or an employee with an MCSE will aid significantly in your management of a dedicated windows server