Dedicated Hosting
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Dedicated Hosting

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Dedicated Hosting Server

Which database? mySQL, msSQL, postgre? The questions run on and on forever. It may be best for you to sit down with a technology guru at your office, or perhaps a friend or neighbor, to analyze exactly what needs you or your organization have. . First, you need to determine which OS you would like to run - Windows, Linux, or Unix. Getting a dedicated hosting server requires quite a bit of research. There are so many options in the dedicated hosting server arena that you need to get it right the first time. Most importantly - bandwidth, processor, and space. Which control panel? Ensim, Cpanel, Plesk. Which server software - Apache, Windows 2003, or another

Dedicated Web Hosting Server

If you are interested in purchasing a dedicated web hosting server so that you can run your own web hosting service, you really need to know what you are doing. Make sure that you can secure multiple IPs for your server, preferably across multiple Class-Cs as well. Make sure that you have plenty of space and have access to DNS controls if at all possible. It will be necessary as many of your clients my request dedicated IPs. It may be beneficial to get your server preinstalled with Cpanel Web manager or another type of program available to help you manage your dedicated web hosting server. If you are interested in a dedicated web hosting server specifically for hosting your own site or sites, this will not be as important.

Dedicated Web Hosting Site

You do not want to be buying servers that were cutting edge 5 years ago, but will not be able to handle it today. Second, make sure that they have a strong bandwidth backbone - complete with redundant connections. Finally, make sure that you can secure a private IP and multiple IPs if your site requires it. Nevertheless, finding the best dedicated web hosting site out of the huge array of available providers across the web can be a daunting task to say the least. First, make sure that the servers are up-to-date. If you are looking for the best dedicated web hosting site, you have come to the right place. If they dont provide it, you are not at the right dedicated web hosting site!. In finding a quality dedicated web hosting site, there are a couple of criteria you should be looking at. Dedicated web hosting is a fantastic solution for most small businesses and organizations looking for the added security, stability, privacy, and customization that comes with having a dedicated web hosting solution

Dedicated Web Hosting

Remember that you are buying two things with your dedicated server, though. . Be careful to make sure that you get what you need on both ends, as a processor or bandwidth bottleneck can ruin any hosting experience. It is time to put down that toy of a shared hosting account and play with the big boys. Dedicated web hosting is a fantastic solution for anyone interested in moving up the web hosting ladder to something more customizable, more controlable, and more powerful. You are buying the computer and you are buying the bandwidth. Dedicated hosting comes in tons of sizes and flavor - from minimalist hosting that has little to no support or maintenance, to full fledged managed hosting complete with 24/7 support, multiple backed up copies, and redundancy redundancy redundancy

Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Virtual dedicated hosting gives you all the benefits of having your own dedicated server without the large financial overhead associated with owning your own server. Larger hosting companies offer this option to high traffic websites.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting

Having an MCSE or an employee with an MCSE will aid significantly in your management of a dedicated windows server. Recommended especially for larger businesses interested in deploying both internet and intranet applications, Windows dedicated server hosting is not for the faint at heart. It can be quite expensive and requires a vast amount of knowledge of the Windows computing environment. Better yet, if you are willing and able, purchase mananged windows dedicated server hosting to make sure that your site and mission critical data remain online and available.

Dedicated Managed Hosting

Managed is the way to go! If you can afford managed dedicated hosting, do it in a heart beat. Otherwise, you are stuck dealing with customer support and paying exorbitant trouble ticket fees (some times $75 or more per ticket) to get someone to do something as simple as pluging your server back in after the janitor kicked out the cord! Once again, if you can afford it, get managed dedicated hosting. . Having that extra tier of support on-site with your server at all times is a huge bonus. Many of the problems associated with dedicated hosting have to do with the fact that it is remote - you cannot get to the box if you need to. Managed hosting solutions for your dedicated server will allow their qualified, trained technicians to access your server if anything ever happens on the physical end

Dedicated Server Hosting

There are thousands of different configurations you can choose from. A dedicated hosting server is a computer thatís sole purpose is simply host websites. Before you go out and buy one I would suggest talking with some trusted advisors about this.

Dedicated Hosting

Choosing a dedicated hosting package is a tough choice. You need to look at how much load you will be putting on the server, what application need to be ran on this box, and above all how much money you can afford to put at this on a monthly basis.