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Casualties Of The Browser Wars!
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster
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The Article

So now what?

First of all . . . LEARN THE CODES!
If you're using the "Arial" font on your page, include "Helvetica", so the Mac crowd can enjoy your page too. Use a browser-sniffing script - readily available on many Cut&Paste JavaScript sites - to bounce viewers to appropriate pages, so they know you love them also. Or you can "double up" on your tags and use attributes that both browsers recognize.

Remember: Not everyone surfs with WINDOWS98, a 5.0 Browser, and a 56K modem. You should check your site on every browser, version and platform possible to make sure it looks its very best.

Tonight's Homework assignment:

Research: Make sure your pages are designed to W3C 4.0 standards http://w3c.org. Yes folks, web pages have standards. The pros follow these recommendations religiously.... hopefully, one day, the browsers will completely catch up too.

Hotwired's Web Monkey http://www.hotwired.com/webmonkey/: A great resource for web designers, chock full of tutorials, scripts, and charts of what works and what doesn't.

Ask Dr. Web http://www.zeldman.com/askdrweb/: By web-veteran Jeffrey Zeldman. Great tips, fixes and solutions for not only browser incompatibilities, but WINDOWS and MAC O/S'es too.

I WILL be checking all of your sites tomorrow.


About the Author

Eric Brooks, of Erox Graphix. Eric is a freelance graphic artist specializing in e-Commerce solutions for small-to-medium businesses.

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