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Making Life Easier and More Fun With Instant Audio
by Webdevinfo - Webmaster
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As an Internet Entrepreneur and professional Marketer for over 8 years, I must admit that I was getting bored with the Internet and Information Technology in general. I no longer looked forward to the latest so-called break-through innovations.
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The Article

As an Internet Entrepreneur and professional Marketer for over 8 years, I must admit that I was getting bored with the Internet and Information Technology in general. I no longer looked forward to the latest so-called break-through innovations. Since they would, almost-always, turn out to be recycled products or ideas that served no real purpose except to collect dust on my shelf or collect virtual dust on my hard-drive. I was also tired of the coldness, isolation and lack of human contact that reliance on PDAs, instant messaging, email, message boards and web sites can bring to people like myself running an online business. I wanted to break free of this boredom and thankfully my prayers were answered, ironically, by a technology called Instant Audio.

Instant Audio, is really not a break-through for simply allowing anyone to put audio on a web site. After all, using web site audio is not new. The real break-through comes from the fact that it's easy and simple to use. We're talking (hassle-free) web based audio with limitless possibilities. All you need is a little imagination and you can soon open up a new world of interaction with web site visitors, customers, prospects, family and friends.

What is Instant Audio?

It is a web based service that allows you to record your voice by uploading existing audio content, by computer microphone or by telephone/cell-phone. Once recordings are made, you can then cut/paste special code to your site's web pages that will allow your recordings to play when people visit your web site or when they click on a special link through email, usually, in the form of an audio Postcard. Visit http://www.clientbydesign.com/instant-audio.html for more info
or to start using it today.

Think of the possibilities:

You can create talking audio products of all types from audio ebooks to audio instruction manuals that almost anyone can listen to without any special equipment, since most modern computers already have soundcards and full audio support available.

If you're a software developer, you can easily record your user-guide, or sections of it, by voice and then walk your customers through demos, program setup or even give them a bonus how-to section or even audio FAQs.

If you're an author wanting to break out into new technologies or ways to present your info, then try recording an audio ebook. It's so simple, that it's ridiculous. All you need is an ebook generator/compiler program or a PDF maker that allows you to create live hyper links (hyper-links are clickable buttons, text, objects, etc that will jump to important content when clicked. In this case, the important content will be your Instant Audio recordings or links to your web site or web page where your readers can access your audio content). Just create a simple PDF document or compiled ebook with a table of contents (links to your recordings) and your reader's tired eyes can now rest while they relax and listen to your training, teaching or story (whether fact or fiction). Ebooks of this type can be easily distributed thanks to their small file size. Since you're linking to your audio, you really don't need to worry about downloadable file size.

http://www.clientbydesign.com/epublish.html for more info on creating ebooks and interactive documents.

If you're a business owner: Try greeting web site visitors when they get to your site or announce the days news or specials. Walk them through your order form to be sure they don't run away and you can also congratulate them on your order “thank you” pages and tell them what to do next (reduce your customer's confusion and anxiety) or offer a special deal. Just be sure to do it with excitement in your voice and your customer/prospect will also be excited.

You can also create talking ads where your internet based ads or even print ads take prospects to a web page where they can listen to your Instant Audio content. Or build credibility by getting existing customers to call in to leave a voice testimonial for new prospects to hear on your web site.

If you're a speaker/trainer: Try putting snippets of your training, seminars or other materials on your site for visitors to hear. Consider doing a motivation of the day snippet or sound bite and have fun while encouraging others. You'll make new fans and contacts who will get to hear your voice 24 hours a day seven days a week.

If you're a newsletter publisher: Try creating a talking newsletter. With all the junk email cluttering up email these days, it would be a breath of fresh air to listen to a  newsletter or two. Hey, you will also be contributing to the preservation of your reader's eye-sight. Just add audio links in your email or send the reader to your web site where they can listen to your current issue.

If you want to create your own radio show: Go ahead, lock yourself in your bathroom studio J with a lap-top and a mike and go to town. Record your audio and allow others to access pre-recorded audio from your web site.

If you want to say hello to family and friends: Imagine giving an audio greeting or driving directions from your wedding or family reunion web site. Now visitors can hear your voice and reconnect with you from anywhere around the world. You can also send them an audio postcard, just to say hello.

I can go on and on with Instant Audio ideas. The point is, you have to use your imagination to add to those I've given you or to come up with your own.

Instant Audio is a lot of fun and I believe it will help lead to many more life-changing web innovations for everyday people. If you don't believe me, just visit the web sites of most successful internet authors, marketers and developers and you'll probably hear their voice coming from an Instant Audio player.

About The Author:

Certified Guerilla Marketing Coach, Richard Bailey is an Internet entrepreneur with 8+ years of technology based marketing experience. Experience Instant Audio:

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